Until Then, Farewell My Friend

by Joseph Charles Mettler

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Recorded at Subcat Studios, Syracuse New York
Live Performance . J. Mettler
Jeremy Johnston . Studio Engineer


I wrote you a letter, thought I'd read it out loud
Thought if I wrote it all down it'd be better
Parting ways come with parting words
But in all that hurt, they were never heard
For my pages blurred together

All around this now quiet town
I've got reasons and reminders calling me to calm down
Come back for a short visit, isn't that all life has been?
Until then, farewell my friend

If I bite the bullet and leave what's left behind
I'll catch up with you in time, I know it
And for that matter if I don't, and if I stayed
Then could I still say I'm unafraid of change
If it's all the same where we're going?

And all around this now quiet house
I've got reasons and reminders calling me to come out
Ain't no doubt about it, don't know where, I don't know when
Until then, farewell my friend

Until then, do not dwell
Not one nighttime or a lifetime, I can't tell
We'll meet again, but until then
Fare thee well

If the other kicks the bucket before we've met again
Let's not call it an end, no never
For all I know and for what it's worth
When we're sharing that dirt, there will be no need for words
Just rest assured that were together

Because you and I've been around that block
Never tired, hardly stopped for nothin'
The engine's humming a constant note
Saying wherever we go, life and death unknown
Welcome home, welcomer home, we've done it

All along this now quiet route
I've got reasons and reminders humming, rumbling out loud
Let's not call it a goodbye, no let's not call it and end
Until then, farewell my friend
Until then, farewell my friend
Until then, farewell my friend


released August 1, 2015



all rights reserved


Joseph Charles Mettler Sherburne, New York

That shy, fingerpickin' man.

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